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Where Quality is a Wood-Working Tradition

Have you experienced these frustrations?


Tardy Deliveries

"My doors should have been here by now."

Slipshod Finish Quality

"Will I have to resand my doors when they do arrive?"


Building Relationships with Small Cabinet Shops for Years

Beautiful finished door detail

Consistent Products

Get what you expect when you order–carefully-crafted doors and drawer fronts.

Attention to Detail

Years of cabinetry experience put us in touch with what each piece needs to reach its full potential.

Hand-Selected Woods

A skillful selection process achieves a close grain and color match.


Your timetable matters to us. We take delivery seriously and strive to be on time if we can’t be early.


We craft made-to-order cabinet doors for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Drawer Fronts

All the options for doors apply to drawer fronts. We meticulously match color and wood grain between pieces so that the end product is uniformly beautiful.

Face Frames

Face frames mount on the cabinet box. Send us a drawing of the configuration you want. We’ll put it together.

Drawer Boxes

Although we do not manufacture drawer boxes, we are happy to highly recommend our neighbor, Big Valley Wood Products, as a manufacturer of custom dovetail drawer boxes.


Artistic expression comes alive inside our cabinet shop. Explore our wide range of custom offerings and share with us your ideas. Applied mouldings, arches, fluted doors, and more.

An Investment In Your Success

Are you looking for a product that isn’t just another cookie-cutter option? At Mountainside Wood Products, we’ve been specializing in customized products and services for over 20 years. A passion to see our customers succeed means we’ll go the extra mile to make your ideas become reality.

Great company to deal with. High-quality cabinet doors. Free delivery. Would recommend this company to any cabinet shop looking to outsource cabinet doors.

Kevin Zimmerman

We don’t just build doors. We build relationships.

When Mountainside Wood Products began, we focused on standardized, simple production. That changed when Jake and Lee joined our team.

Our shop manager, Jake, and our sales manager, Lee, laid the foundation for our customer-centric business model. Jake had years of experience running a cabinet shop before he came to Mountainside. He knew machines and wood inside and out and possessed the flexibility and knowledge to make the profiles that fit each customer’s unique needs.

Lee insisted on delivering the doors personally to our customers. This in-person contact allowed him to learn the customers’ needs, and many of these business acquaintances became friends.

The tradition continues. At Mountainside Wood Products, we value face-to-face interaction and personal relationships. We strive for custom, high-quality products that meet the unique needs of every cabinet maker.

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    Hand Craftsmanship

    Leon Zook

    Leon Zook grew up in Belleville, PA, and Virginia Beach, VA. He and his wife, Mary, raised 7 children. Leon bought Princess Anne Cabinets, a shop where he had worked. He later sold this shop and bought Kempsville Cabinets, providing work for the community, church, and his three sons. In 2001, he started Mountainside Wood Products with a dual desire to provide employment for farmers and to manufacture doors for his cabinet shop.