Under the Apricot Tree

One day, Leon Zook was picking apricots with his cousin, Gid, in Belleville, PA. As they discussed Gid’s farming woes, Leon’s heart went out to his cousin. Could he operate a cabinet door shop in this community and provide work for local farmers to supplement their income? This venture could also be a genius way to source doors for Leon’s cabinet shop in Virginia. The seed for Mountainside Wood Products was planted.

Sprouting of the Seed

A year later in 2001, Leon started Mountainside Wood Products. During its fledgling years, the business struggled to be profitable and he wondered why he had even started it. 

However, as Mountainside began to listen and flex to the custom needs of cabinet shops, the business took root. We had found our niche: personal customer service and high-quality products. 

Our Love for Our Craft

Woodworking weaves together art and beauty with science and order. 

  • Art and beauty–an eye for precise detail and the hands that know what each piece needs 
  • Science and order–a streamlined workflow and high-tech equipment (CNC machine) and tools

That’s why we love building cabinet doors so much!

Our Values

As we follow the example of Jesus, our work finds meaning. At Mountainside, we promise to strive for excellence in living these values.

Our Valley

Our shop nestles in the Kish Valley of Central PA in a small community where people know and trust their neighbors. Most of our team members share the Anabaptist heritage–a 500-year-old communal tradition stemming back to the radical Swiss German Reformers. Following Christ in our life’s work is important to us. Because of Him, we strive to work with diligence, excellence, and integrity.

Mountainside Team

Mountainside is rooted in relationships. Fathers and sons work together. Our team has a variety of occupational backgrounds, but we enjoy coming together around the fulfilling challenge of creating beautiful cabinet products.

At Mountainside Wood Products, we intentionally invest in our team members so they can flourish and bring growth to their families, neighbors, and churches. We are grateful for our skilled team of craftsmen who take pride in doing great work.

Our Goals


Here we answer questions, take orders, generate cutlists and drawings, and output orders to production.

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Service 
  • Scheduling 
  • Drafting


Here, using our hands and eyes, tools and machines, we cut, glue, color match, assemble, shape, sand, inspect, and do all the things it takes to make a beautiful product.

  • Delivery 
  • Machine Operation
  • Programming
  • Assembling
  • Packaging
  • Inspection
  • Color Selection
  • Sanding

Leon Zook

Leon Zook grew up in Belleville, PA, and Virginia Beach, VA. He and his wife, Mary, raised 7 children. Leon bought Princess Anne Cabinets, a shop where he had worked. He later sold this shop and bought Kempsville Cabinets, providing work for the community, church, and his three sons. In 2001, he started Mountainside Wood Products with a dual desire to provide employment for farmers and to manufacture doors for his cabinet shop.

Jonathan Zook

Jonathan grew up working in his father’s cabinet shop. He resides in Virginia Beach, VA, with his wife, Geraldine and six sons. He lived in Pennsylvania for a few years to help establish Mountainside. After he married, he moved back to VA and continued working with his father and

Loren Zook

Loren also worked for his father in his cabinet shop. He has always enjoyed woodworking and joined the Mountainside team in 2005. He grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, but now lives in SC where he met his wife, Linda. 

Jake Peachey

Before Jake joined Mountainside Wood Products, he operated his own cabinet shop. His extensive expertise has given Mountainside the ability to create custom designs for our customers.

Lee Peachey

Lee operated a dairy farm and worked at Union Mills before he joined Mountainside. After working in various positions, he started working in sales and delivery. He has always insisted on personal door delivery. Through this, he has formed dozens of friendships with our customers, profoundly influencing our business model.